Wild Cards

Introducing Wild Cards (starting with subtraction)

Golden Rule No. 3

A Wild Card played from your hand gives an extra turn.

The introduction of Wild Cards greatly increases the possible moves and the level of challenge in Numero®.

Wild take

The –2 Wild Card can be played onto the 10, to make 8. Then, having an extra turn after playing your Wild Card, you could play your 8 to take;

or, an even better move, after playing the –2 onto 10 to equal 8, is to play the –4 Wild Card onto the 5 to make 1, leaving you with still another turn.

You then combine the 8 (10 – 2) and the 1 (5 – 4) to make 9 and take with your 9 card in hand, winning a total of 5 cards.

Notice that you still played only one Number Card from your hand. (Golden Rule No.1)

(Remember: Your turn ends as soon as you have played a Number Card from your hand!)

At the end of this turn, you would then restore your hand to five cards, drawing from the deck.

If you cannot take, you might use your Wild Card in a build.

Wild build

You could play the –5 Wild Card onto the 8 to make 3. Then, with your extra turn, you could add the 10 for a build of 13. (Golden Rule No.2)

However, playing a Number Card would end your turn, and you would have to wait and hope to take in your next turn.

Discarding Wild Cards

You may discard a Wild Card; however, your turn is not complete until you have played a Number Card from your hand. If you have five Wild Cards in your hand, discard all five cards, ending your turn. Then restore your hand to five from the deck.

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