Numero® Challenges

The game of Numero® allows for more than just the physical game played between two people. Individual challenges can be used in classroom situations, as well as for coaching of interschool teams.

400 Numero® challenges adds a further valuable tool to the classroom use of Numero®.  The 400 challenges begin with simple operations and end with complex operations, matched with problem-solving.

They can be used with individual students or as whole-class activities as part of the class program. The challenges can also be used for homework or for practising for Numero® competitions. ACARA curriculum links are included.

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R.I.C. Publications also sell a Numero® challenges interactive CD which enables students to practise their challenges at an appropriate ability level. This product produces random challenges, checks that a student’s move is legal and allows the student the opportunity to have another go in order to improve a result.

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Numero Challenges Interactive CD