Numero® ED-Challenges appear every week in The West Australian as part of the ‘ED Magazine’ insert in the Tuesday edition.

The challenges alternate weekly between ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’, which are two different skills levels of Numero® .

Both sets of challenges become progressively more and more difficult as the year moves forward. The ‘Silver’ challenges start at ‘Level 1′ difficulty, utilising only addition. However, as more moves are learnt and more types of cards are introduced, end-of-the-year Silver challenges will include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The ‘Gold’ challenges start at a ‘Level 3′ scale of difficulty, using number cards and the first 12 wild cards (similar to where the Silver level of challenges conclude). However, like Silver, the Gold challenges progress in difficulty so that, by the end of the year, problems will include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and proper fractions.