In 2022 we are continuing with three heats and a grand final as follows:

South heat – Monday 1st August 2022

North heat – Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Central heat – Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Grand Final – Wednesday 10th August 2022

Registrations for 2022 are now open!

Please get in contact with [email protected] for any enquiries as to the regions in which heats are held.

These are subject to change dependent on registrations.

    Number of teams* - 1234

    Willing to host* - YesNo

    Heat preference one* –

    Heat preference two* -

    Heat preference three* -


    We guarantee to accept 2 teams per school, however schools can register for up to 4 teams if space allows.  These extra teams are allocated on a first in best dressed basis.

    Where possible, first preferences are given, but cannot be guaranteed.  Placement in heats is dependent on registration numbers and proximity to the hosting venues. Please always check alternative dates of heats – just in case!

    The $50 registration fee is payable prior to competing and is non-refundable.