To begin to play Numero®, follow these simple steps:

  • Before commencing the game, select only the Number Cards from the pack (all cards 1–15). These are the only cards you use at this stage.
  • Ignore the colours and points on some cards.
  • For young children, using only Number Cards 1-10 is a successful strategy.
  1. First, deal five cards to each player (ideally played with only two players).
  2. Place two cards face up in the centre of the table. Note: Although you start with two cards in the centre, the number of cards in the centre will vary during play. At times there will be fewer (sometimes no cards at all) and at other times, more than two.
  3. Place the remainder of the deck in the centre of the table (face down).

You are now ready to play Numero®, with the non-dealer having the first turn. Players take turns. Each player plays a Number Card from his/her hand, to the centre and must either take, build or discard.