The Numero® Cards

Numero® is a game for all ages. Simply set the level of difficulty to match the ability of the users. This is done by deciding which cards are included in the pack for a particular game. To play Numero® well, all players must start at the early stage and progress to more challenging levels. As a learning game, it is best played between two people, which provides the optimum playing conditions to challenge minds and improve number skills.

The Numero® Pack includes:

Number Cards: Four sets of Number Cards (1–15) – green, orange, blue and red.

When learning to play NUMERO®, use only these cards (and only numbers 1–10 with young children).

Wild Cards: Are added to increase the level of challenge of play as the ability of players increases – 4 subtraction, 4 multiplication, 4 division, 13 fraction/decimal/percentage; square root, cube root, squared and cubed cards (for players looking for a further challenge).

2 blank cards: To be used as replacements if cards are lost.

2 point-scoring cards: To be used as reference cards when players reach the scoring level of challenge.

White Dot: Cards have a small white dot on the Numero® side of the card. The dot has been placed on the cards so that individual packs can be numbered to avoid situations where different packs become mixed.