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Independent Education & Training Pty Ltd (IETPL) is the WA-owned and operated publisher of “Numero®”, a world-class mental maths game.  Numero® can be played anywhere and in all age groups. It will complement any school maths program in a fun and beneficial way.  IETPL’s Julie Richards runs professional learning for staff and student or parent workshops to instruct, develop and promote the use of Numero® in all areas of maths education. Please contact Julie directly for information on when and where these sessions can occur. 

Numero in Schools

The Young Ones

Numero® in Schools

Numero® is a mental maths resource suitable for all years of primary and secondary education. It can significantly aid development of fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Numero® is ideal for introducing and reinforcing both simple and complex maths concepts within a game situation. Playing Numero® can give a practical application of abstract notions of mixed numerals and indices, making lessons more relevant.  The differentiation offered by Numero® is second-to-none.

Getting Older

Numero® in the Older Years & Aged Care

Numero® is ideal for the older generation. It is a fantastic game for keeping the brain stimulated and active. Even those with varying forms of dementia can often remember their times tables and basic maths from many years before – Numero® allows them to recall and utilise these skills.  Numero® is also perfect for getting the young kids, who’ve learnt Numero® in school, to teach and play with their grandparents – a great bonding activity!

Numero® is owned by Alzheimer’s WA, so they benefit from royalties paid on all Numero® products.


Primary & Secondary

For over two decades Numero® has been offering interschool competitions in Western Australia, allowing students the opportunity to exercise their Numero® skills in a very public domain.  Primary events are held in Perth, as well as some regional centres, with a Grand Final held in November each year.  Secondary events are all held in the Perth metro area, with a Grand Final held in August each year. 

Digital Age

Numero® moving forward

Whilst Numero® is an amazing real-world card game, we are also in the process of developing a Numero® App. This will be aimed at complementing the game’s use in schools. Please register your school’s interest in learning more about this when information becomes available.

There will also be a public release of the App to allow Numero® aficionados the chance to play others from around the world PvP, as well as test their skills against the App itself. Watch this space for updates!

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