Learn Numero®

Teaching Aids

The Numero® Rules Chart should definitely be visible (in one form or another) when introducing a class to Numero®. These rules can be printed on the board, or the Rules Chart displayed; but one way or another, it is imperative that the rules are clearly visible while children are learning the game.

The Numero® Teacher Tips should also be visible to students learning the game.  Contact Campion, Abacus, Dr Paul Swan or Bedrock Books to purchase a set of these tips. Contact [email protected] to find out the best order to place these in your classroom.

We’ve also got a new set of easy to download rules for you to get a better understanding of Numero®.


What does Numero® teach?

Numero® can quickly become an integral part of any class mathematics program, from junior primary grades through to secondary mathematics classes. In its early levels, Numero® develops:

  • basic number recognition from zero to 15
  • basic number facts of all four operations
  • speed of recall.

As the game develops and players move to more difficult levels with the introduction of Wild Cards, additional concepts and skills are developed and reinforced including:

  • fractions
  • decimals
  • percentages.

At its higher levels, with the introduction of more wild cards and scoring, Numero® continues to challenge minds and develop concepts such as:

  • squared and cubed roots
  • multiple equations
  • point scoring.

At all levels of Numero® there is a high level of problem solving and understanding of strategy which develops from basic stages with young students to complex moves that will challenge the brightest mathematical mind.

Numero® continues to challenge. Because the game develops with a player’s mathematical understanding, it always provides a new and unique challenge to the players, and, like all ‘great’ games, just keeps on keeping on.