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How Does it Work?

With the Educational Subscription plan you can choose one of three tiered plans that accommodates small to large institutions. Each plan comes with multiple licences for students to use in their classroom or within other assigned groups.

Benefits of an Educational Subscription plan

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Up to 50

Suitable for smaller educational institutions and private educators.



Recommended for small to medium sized institutions with one or two extra-curricular clubs.



Excellent for large institutions with multiple classes, campuses and extra-curricular clubs.

Looking for a single licence to play the Numero® app at home?

Getting Started with the Numero® App

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Submit your details to receive a quote for your school. Your nominated institution will need to be verified by the Numero® team before invoicing and payment.

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Once your account details are verified you will receive the licence codes and access to the admin portal via email to begin set up for your institution.

Download the
Numero app

Download the app onto as many devices as you like. The Institution’s Admin will receive access to a personalised admin portal with control over all licences.

Login and start

Once you have set up the individual player accounts, you can login and begin to explore the different modes and levels of the game.

Get the Numero® App on all devices

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Available across all devices

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The App has been added to the “Approved Technology List” for CEWA schools and has the “Green Tick” from the Department of Education & Training WA. So yes – your school is absolutely allowed to use this App!!

Check out our App User Guide for instructions and tips to help you get the most out of your game.

The licences are provided to the app administrator within your school, who will then allocate them to classes or groups as required.  Login details are generated automatically, but can be manually managed to change user names and/or passwords.

The player accounts are the same regardless of the assigned user.

All Education Department protocols have been met and the Numero® App has been given the green tick of approval – as no personal data is collected, privacy and security are a low risk to app users.

The app is available on all platforms for use on all devices.

After selecting the multiplayer option, you will be able to select an opponent within your own class or elsewhere within the school. Access to opponents is controlled by the app administrator within your school.

All issues of this nature can be sent directly to [email protected]. You will receive a response within 48 hours, respective of weekends and public holidays, although the more information you provide will speed up this response time.

Learn more about the Numero® journey

West Australians have been playing Numero® for decades! With a strong community spirit and a willingness to learn, Numero® has made improving our maths fun. Find out more about the Numero® story and its family owned and run entrepreneurial adventure!

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