Numero® in Aged Care

Numero® with our Older Generation

Studies suggest that by engaging in mentally stimulating activity throughout your life you can improve your brain’s ability to function, therefore reducing your risk of developing dementia or helping to delay the onset of dementia as you age.

Like physical exercise, mental exercise can help build up levels of healthy brain cells, as well as increase the connections between them. It’s known as ‘neurological plasticity’… and by building it up now, you could be protecting your brain later in life.

A series of separate studies have shown

Women who participated in more mental activities were able to lower their risk of developing dementia by 34%, and those who participated in regular exercise lowered their risk by 57%.

Those who engaged in mentally stimulating activities like reading, writing, crossword puzzles, and board or card games were 50% less likely to develop any kind of cognitive impairment or dementia

At least 10 sessions of mental training had improved cognitive function in the months and years that followed.

Engaging in mentally stimulating activity in mid and later life could delay the onset of cognitive impairment by several years.

History of Numero®, an educational maths game!

Numero was invented by Frank Drysdale after his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, but still in the early stages. His family firmly believe that the creation of Numero and his ongoing teaching and playing of the game delayed the development of symptoms. This meant that Frank remained an active member of society and his family for over 20 years from diagnosis, rather than the more dismal outcome they had been warned about.

Available across all devices

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Test your mental maths skills in the digital world and compete with other Numero® players, friends, or anonymously online. Subscriptions available for Organisations and Public play.

Ready to play Numero®?

Maths is not everyone’s forte, but it can be! If you are looking for some mental self-improvement or looking to find out more about the game, simply drop us a message.

Numero® is proudly owned by

In 1995, Frank and Joan gifted the copyright ownership of the game to Alzheimer’s WA. This has ensured that royalties from the sale of all Numero® products are channelled to Alzheimer’s WA, providing money to help fund various dementia-related programs throughout WA and the rest of the world.