Numero® Solitaire

Numero® Solitaire is an interesting and challenging version of Numero® for when you are on your own. It provides the same enjoyment and challenge as the normal game and also means you can practise working out the infinite variety of possible number combinations.

The Basic Rules

  1. Using whichever selection of cards you wish, deal five cards into the centre and five cards for your hand.
  2. Make the best possible take that you can (or multiple takes) with one Number Card from your hand.
  3. From the deck, restore both the centre and your hand respectively to five cards.
  4. Repeat the procedure as long as you are able to takeNote: No builds for future takes are allowed and no discards. Simply perform the best take you can.
  5. When you can no longer take, the game is over and you then either count the cards won or note the points scored, depending on the level of game played.
  6. Remember that at all levels of play, you play only one Number Card from your hand each turn (your ‘taking’ card) but may use any or all Wild Cards from your hand and any cards (Wild or Number) from the centre.
  7. The highest level of both Numero® and Numero® Solitaire is when you play to score points, instead of simply winning cards. If you wish to move to this level, simply check the Numero® Rules and use the Checklist Cards to help you remember the different ways of scoring. Then, with every take that you do, simply spread out the cards in the take to count them, check their point values, colours, operations etc. before placing them in your ‘winning pile’. The only additions to the normal Numero® point scoring when playing Numero® Solitaire are:
    • If you use (deal) all the cards from the deck, score an extra 10 points and if you achieve the perfect ending by being able to take with every card in your hand and ‘clear the deck’, score an extra 25 points.
    • Any cards showing point values left in your hand when the game ends means those points are subtracted from your score.