App User Guide


Simply enter your email address (public) or your specific Numero® student ID email (schools), followed by the password. Then press ‘Login’.

Once logged in, make your choice between Solitaire, Single Player (vs AI Bot) or Multiplayer (vs another human). Then make your choice of cards to be included (ability level-based) and choose your “Victory Conditions” (most cards wins the game, or a point-based game). Then simply press “Play”.

When finished, use the menu in the top right-hand corner to log out. Then close the browser. Sometimes the Windows-based app will require you to press and hold the Windows button while pressing ‘D’ to close the game completely.


After selecting multiplayer, then choose ‘classmate’ or a ‘schoolmate’. These options will depend on what has been allocated by the school admin.

Select anyone who appears on your screen as a possible match, then wait for them to accept your request. You will be matched with someone at the same or one level either side of yours. Once they accept your invitation, you are ready to play. Likewise, you can accept an invitation and commence play.

How to Play

Addition is the default level 1 and must remain as all number cards are automatically addition. Simply click on any other playing card options to add those wildcards – choose from subtraction; multiplication & division; simple fractions; complex fractions; or indices.

Cards is the default option; this simply means that whoever has the most cards at the end of the game, wins. It doesn’t matter what cards are used, just the number of cards in the player’s winning pile. Points is the alternative; this means that every take is scored as per the scoring rules. The scores are cumulative and will be automatically added to the screen.


If you choose to play the “points option”, a summary of the scoring checklist can be found using the menu on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Game Play

It is good practise to put your cards in order. This allows for quicker, more accurate decision-making.

It is your turn when the dot alongside your name turns green. Red means it is the other player’s turn.

This area is where you join, build, or discard playing cards. All your moves are managed in this area.

Once your move is complete, click and drag the cards you wish to win (either a match or a full build/join) into the take area. You then also drag your answer card into the take area.

Once you have completed your turn, whether that is the build/join and answer cards all in the take area, or you have made a build and need to wait a turn, or you have simply discarded, press the tick in the bottom right-hand corner to end your turn.
This button works one step at a time, so every click undoes the last move made, then the previous one, and so on.
It is important to make sure when you drag or place a card on top of other card/s the outline around the cards appears, this means the cards are fully connected.
If you forget what is in a build or join, click and hold the top card to reveal all the cards within. This allows you to check on moves and then return to the game.
If/when you have made an invalid move, follow the advice on the screen and undo previous moves, then attempt your turn again. The usual triggers for an invalid move are, not having the answer card in the hand after making a build, using a card from the centre as an answer, trying to use a second number card from the hand, etc. These are all breaking the “Golden Rules” of Numero®. Check these rules if you are unsure as to why your move was considered invalid. It may also be worth double-checking your calculations, just in case the solution is a simple mathematical error.
Select the menu on the top right-hand corner of the screen, then select “Game History”. This allows you to view all the moves made during your current game.
Select the menu on the top right-hand corner of the screen, then select “Game Options”. This is the default option on this menu and allows you to turn sound on/off or to concede a game and return to the main menu.

If you complete a full game, the App will automatically end the game according to Numero® rules, allocating either remaining cards or points as per these rules. If you wish to end a game prematurely, then simply choose to concede the game via “Game Options” as above.